Norton Error: Activation Key Not Recognized

Sometimes, you have entered the wrong Activation Product Key to activate Norton. Please type the product key again and check whether it is correct or not. Norton utility premium key appears as case-Sensitive. It would help if you were attentive during typing it to activate Norton Software.

Norton Utilities Premium key is different from Norton Protection software. If you have known the added benefits of Norton Utilities Premium, then you have to enroll for Automatic Renewal.

What are the Common Mistakes While Typing Your Product Key?

You have gone to activate Norton Utilities Premium; then suddenly it appears on your screen as Wrong Activation Product Key. It seems like this because there can be some common mistakes that you committed while entering it to activate the Norton. Few are listed below.

  • You have left spaces between the keywords that are causing an error.
  • Keep assured that you have entered the License information of Norton Utilities Premium or not. License information on Norton’s product is different than others.
  • If you have still adhered to the same message that your license information is invalid, then you have check out the typing errors like number 0 is looked the same as character o.
  • Keep double typing checking of characters o lower case and O upper case, I character upper case, l character lower case, number 1 and 0.

If the issue still not resolved, then you have to contact Antivirus customer support for quick resolution service.

How to Activate Norton Utilities Premium?

After getting such type of messages on your screen, you have to follow the below instructions step-by-step to resolve it as soon as possible.

  • First, open Norton and Sign-in into your Account.
  • My Subscription page appears, and you will find the product key just under Norton Utilities Premium.
  • Note down and copy the product key.
  • Start Norton
  • Click at option Activate now in Norton Window
  • Then, enter the Activation Product Key and Click on Activate Now.
  • Check whether it is showing the same message or activated

What can be Other Major Issues Behind This Error?

It may happen due to some significant problems that you are facing.

  • Corrupted Files and Error in App.
  • Runtime Error
  • You have installed Norton on a system that already has viruses.
  • The error may be related to the lower specification than specification required for software in installation to any device.

What are The Steps To Resolve Such Major Issues?

There can be so many reasons behind this error, and you can resolve it below steps.

  • Change registry files of your system by running Win Thruster Software that will automatically perform the task to make the system or device updated.
  • Do the scanning of your system to clean or remove the full Malware from the system.
  • Clean junk and corrupted files. Empty your recycle bin
  • You can update the PC Drivers of Your System
  • Install the latest version or previous fresh Windows to your system.
  • Install the latest version of Norton Software and enter the product key.
  • Make sure there is no spelling, character, or number error in typing product or activation key.

Check that it is activated, if it is showing the same message, then contact Norton technical support number.