How to Troubleshoot Norton Antivirus Problems?

Computer and the internet have made life very simple and convenient. Users can complete virtually any task online whether it is booking tickets for a movie or streaming that same movie online. But for all its amazing features doing so much work online or on your computer does have serious risks. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for ways to cheat you and steal your information. Hence it is very important for you to have an antivirus software active on your device. And when it comes to antivirus there are few names that stand out as much as Norton. Norton has a wide range of software to help you protect yourself from online threats. If you are new to the world of antivirus you can always call the Norton customer support number and ask a software expert to guide you in choosing the correct product for you.

Because the antivirus software is so important it can be quite risky if the software develops problems even for a little while. In order to help you out when you find yourself in this situation, this article will give you a general overview of some simple troubleshooting steps you can use to resolve Norton Antivirus related problems.

Steps to Fix “Norton Antivirus not Opening or Crashing”

If you find that your Norton antivirus software just refuses to open or it keeps crashing for no apparent reason you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Restart your system in safe mode using F8
  • Go to the Norton webpage and update the antivirus software
  • Restart your computer in normal mode and run a complete scan of the system

Uninstall and Install Norton Antivirus

One of the most basic troubleshooting steps you can try is to delete the program and reinstall the Norton antivirus software. Here are the steps you can follow to implement this solution:

  • Visit the Norton webpage and download the Norton Removal Tool
  • Run the tool on your computer, delete all Norton files and reboot the system
  • Login to your Norton Account and download the setup file
  • Follow the installation steps to finish installing Norton Antivirus

Steps to Fix Internet Problems after Installing Norton Antivirus

Another common reason why Norton does not work properly us because of a poor internet connection. Follow the steps given below to troubleshoot your network connection:

  • Pause all downloads and multimedia streaming
  • Close all unnecessary internet browsers that are open
  • Delete your history and clear all the cookies so that Norton can run smoothly

Steps to Disable Norton Firewall

It is also possible that the Norton Firewall is blocking certain applications and is causing an error on your system. You can follow these steps to temporarily disable the Norton firewall:

  • Open Norton Internet Security
  • Go to the main Settings and look for the firewall options
  • Select the Auto-Protect option and turn it off
  • Go to the Personal Firewall option and disable it

If you have any trouble with these methods you can contact Norton phone number and ask for additional tech support to get your antivirus up and running again.