How to Fix the Norton Error during a Quick Scan?

Norton anti-virus provides customization features and also scans the system in dept to find out any virus and malware and delete it from the system. Sometimes during the quick scan process, Norton anti-virus can give the users a Norton error which can be really frustrating. Just imagine that while you are scanning the system, and in the middle of that you come across quick scan error and the scanning stops in between. This incomplete scanning can be dangerous as it can lead to the impending danger by virus and malware in the system.

It becomes really essential to cater to this issue on an urgent basis in order to prevent this error and let the Norton anti-virus work properly once again. You can see the symptoms and the solutions listed below and if you want, dial Norton customer support number for best and reliable solutions possible.

Symptoms of Norton Error During a Quick Scan

  • An error message will be displayed on the screen stating ‘You are at Risk Error Message
  • The scanning process would not be completed
  • It will stop in between, and the files that are left for scanning couldn’t be processed.
  • Sometimes the personal computer which is all readily affected by virus or any other software would lead to more troubles
  • There could arise server error.

Causes of Norton error during a Quick Scan

There can be numerous causes behind the Norton error. Some usually don’t matter much and are quite insignificant, but there are some significant reasons which undoubtedly needs to be focused on. There can be troubles with the Operating system, operating files, or user protected files. If the data is in the Windows operating system, it can happen that the access is denied for the scan process via the scanning engine. It can also occur when the file which is being scanned is used by another software or when the Norton update fails due to any reason.

The Procedure to Fix Norton Error during a Quick Scan

  • Close all the programs running in the system and restart the device.
  • Once the computer gets started, run a complete scan of the system
  • Click on Norton desktop icon and navigate to the main window.
  • Go to the security option and tap on the option ‘Scan’
  • Now choose, Full system scan from the given options and after that click on ‘Go’
  • After the scanning is complete, select the Finish button.
  • You must also update the operating system and Norton anti-virus

If the error doesn’t get resolved by implementing the procedure given above, you can always get in touch with the certified experts at Norton customer care number. You don’t need to worry about the non-availability of the technicians as they stay in service 24*7.