How to Fix Norton Server Error?

There is a myriad of antivirus and online security software in the market these days and it is tough to choose which one is the best. But it is without a doubt that Norton is one of the best out there. It has been at the receiving end of many positive feedbacks and awards as well. But like all other programs and software, it is not safe from flaws and defects. One very persistent problem that Norton customers complain about is the ‘server error’ issue. You will probably get the message ‘the Norton server is briefly unavailable. Please check out yet again later on’, or any other messages related to the server. So be on the lookout for such messages. There are ways to handle this problem which will be explained to you in this tutorial blog, so if you are anxious to know how to solve Norton server error then keep reading this blog. You can also get the requisite information by contacting Norton customer service number.

To handle any kind of server error with Norton, there are two steps you can perform. You can choose which one to execute depending on your preference, but if one does not work, you can apply the other one just to make sure that the problem gets resolved.

Step 1: Resolve the issue by downloading the fix tool

  • Before you run the tool you need to download it first. After you download it, save the file in a folder of your choice.
  • Now run this saved ‘NortonActivationRepair.exe’ file on your computer. Accept any user agreements and continue.
  • After installing the latest version of the .NET framework, you need to run the tool again. And after you are done, click the ‘ok’ button and restart the computer.
  • After the computer has restarted, open Norton and see if the problem has been resolved.

Step 2: Use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

  • Before you download the tool make sure to uninstall Norton family if you have it installed.
  • Now begin by downloading the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool and save it on your computer in a preferred location.
  • Locate the file and run it on your system.
  • When the license agreement page appears, click the ‘agree’ button and click ‘remove and reinstall’.
  • Proceed by clicking ‘continue’ or ‘remove’. After the process is done, click the ‘restart’ button.
  • After restarting, you can follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall Norton.

Follow these tutorial steps to fix Norton server errors on your computer. If these steps do not help you, you may contact Norton phone number to access the help of certified experts.