How to Fix Norton Security Error 3048 3?

Norton Antivirus is amazing software to detect the virus and malware related problems in your device. It protects the device against threats and also has the feature of removing the Email spam contents. It comes in different versions and has been on the run to upgrade itself very often. Even though it comes forward as an extraordinary software, but it can also be overloaded with some technical glitches and errors. One of the errors that are usually common is Norton Security Error 3048 3. It forces a program to stop suddenly while sunning and makes it difficult to complete day to day task.

Norton Error 3048 3 usually occurs due to an incomplete installation of the antivirus software. It can also happen when the windows have been corrupted or the system has been attacked by some kind of virus, which Norton is not able to detect. This type of error can occur during the installation process, when the software has been corrupted either during startup, in the middle or when you are shutting down your computer when setting up the Windows System.

Does your device crash suddenly when you are running a particular program or does it display Norton Product Error 3048 3 on the window screen and you wonder how to tackle this problem? If yes, then you are most welcome to read further. If you will be needing any further assistance, feel free to contact the Norton helpline number which is available at your service 24 hours around the clock. The error can also occur when some other program has mistakenly deleted Norton files that are connected to the device.

Here is your Step by Step Guide on How to Resolve Norton Security Error 3048 3

1. Repair the catalog entries that are associated with this error
2. Now let your device scan itself for any kind of virus or malware
3. Clean up your system and your drive by discarding all the junk
4. Upgrade the system
5. Now undo the recent system changes by using Windows system restore
6. Uninstall the Norton antivirus one and re-install it again.
7. Run the windows once for a dummy check
8. Install all the new window updates that you are system is recommending for you by your device.

After completing the process, you will be able to rectify the Norton Antivirus Error 3048 3. If you feel lost or confused at any step, and is not able to understand the steps further on, then you must surely contact the Norton customer care number. You will be redirected to the team of professionals who will help you in the time of your crisis. The number is toll-free and you can access it at any point of the day without any worry or hesitation.