How to Fix Norton Error 8504?

Norton antivirus is exemplary security software that enables security and safeguard of your PC from harmful threats. This is a very favored software amongst the antivirus community and it has many perks and benefits. However, there is one certain flaw that causes tremendous irregularity in the software and its functionality, and that is the Norton error code 8504. This error is caused when a certain program is having some security issues or when there is some irregularity in the installation of a program during an update. If this error isn’t taken care of right away it may cause major disruption to the system so it is advised that the users should handle it the minute they get the error code message. Customers can also call Norton customer care number and ask for precautionary measures or information to prevent this from happening in the future.

To fix error 8504, users need to conduct a few troubleshooting steps. These steps can be quite intimidating for some, but this blog will guide you on how to perform it safely and correctly. You need to repair the registries that are linked with error 8504.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Norton Error 8504

  • To proceed, first, you must click the start menu and type in the word ‘command’. But do not press ‘enter’ yet.
  • Press CTRL, shift and enter together, after this click on ‘yes’.
  • Now type in the ‘regedit’ button on the new window and press ‘enter’.
  • This will initiate the disk clean-up process that will determine how much space has been taken up and how much needs to be cleared.
  • Select the temporary files by checking the boxes that are right next to the name of the files.
  • After this try to do a malware scan just to make sure that there are no viruses or harmful malware in the system.

The steps mentioned above will provide the necessary troubleshooting action to get rid of the error and the problem it imposes. However, if this fails to do the job and if you want additional technical assistance, you can call the executives at Norton helpline number to get help from proficient employees.