How to Configure Norton 360 & VPN?

Norton 360 is a highly comprehensive antivirus software which is brought to the market by Symantec. This software provides the users with best in class antivirus and anti-spyware protection. This software not only provides protection against viruses but also embeds the computer system with a Firewall which would help in further protection of the system against any kind of threat. One of the most common issues which the users of Norton 360 face is when the Norton software’s firewall unintentionally blocks the virtual private network connectivity. This usually takes place when the user does not configure the firewall to permit the VPN. When the users find themselves in such a situation, they can then choose to connect with Norton technical support, where they would get all the required assistance of how to handle such situations.

Steps to Configure Norton 360 and VPN

When you wish to configure Norton 360 and a VPN, then there are some steps which you would have to follow. The users must accurately follow each and every step that has been mentioned below:

Step 1: Access the Norton 360 software by double-clicking the program icon on your system’s desktop or even by selecting the Norton icon from the Windows task tray.

Step 2: You would then have to update Norton 360 by selecting the ‘Run Live Update’ menu, which is available. The older versions of Norton 360 would automatically block all the VPN traffic, irrespective of the firewall rules.

Step 3: Further, you would have to select the ‘Task and Settings’ menu and then opt for the ‘Advanced Settings’ option.

Step 4: You can now select the ‘Firewall Protection Settings’ option, choose the ‘Add’ button, and further opt for the ‘VPN’ application from the file chooser.

Step 5: Once you have done the above steps, click on the ‘Permit’ button, and choose the incoming and outgoing traffic which is followed by the ‘Next’ button.

Step 6: You can now choose the ‘Any Computer’ menu button and then press on ‘Next.’

Step 7: Then you have to choose the option to apply to ‘All Ports’ and ‘All Types of Communication.’

Step 8: Finally enter the text description for the firewall rule and then click on ‘Next,’ ‘Finish’ and ‘Close’ buttons which would complete the configuration process of Norton 360 for a VPN Connection.

If you face any issue while following the steps mentioned above, then you would want to take assistance from trained professionals. In such a situation, the users can easily connect with Norton technical support and get all the necessary help. This service is available throughout the day and is entirely free of any charge.