How to Cancel Your AVG Subscription?

AVG is one of the popular and efficient software to use. You can use this antivirus for better protection and security. If you are looking to use the advanced features of AVG Antivirus, then you are charged money for it. You know the free software is pretty efficient to use and the paid one is much better to use.

Let us look at the AVG Subscription details and also various methods to cancel the subscription. First, you have allowed for AVG advanced features to install, and now you wish to cancel the paid subscription of AVG. Then, you have to follow the two following methods.

There can be various reasons to cancel it. You need to use an AVG subscription from now and not interested in paying a charge for paid antivirus. AVG Subscription will refund your money if you cancel the paid subscription. But, you need to cancel it within 30 days. If any issue in a cancellation you face, then call AVG customer service to fix this issue.

What are the Procedures to Cancel AVG Antivirus Subscription?

There are two methods to cancel AVG Subscription mentioned below.

Method -1 Cancel With Link Received as Notification Email

  • Go to your email account and check for the notification email you received at the time of AVG Subscription
  • In the link, click on it and explain how to cancel your subscription
  • It will take you to a page where a confirmation button is mentioned
  • You get an email like ‘AVG Subscription Cancellation Request’ with subject mentioned; then you need to click it
  • You will transferred to a page where the unsubscribe link is given
  • Click on this Unsubscribe link to cancel this AVG Subscription for advanced features.

Method -2 Cancel Your AVG Subscription via AVG Account

  • First, on the computer, navigate AVG My Account login page and then enter your email address and your password
  • After logging in, move to My Subscriptions
  • Get a link that says Cancel; AVG Subscription
  • After clicking on this link and then, confirm it to cancel AVG Subscription
  • The extension for the upcoming period will get cancelled, and you are not required to pay for it from now.
  • Two methods are quite easy, and even one who does not have any technical knowledge can quickly implement them.

If you are facing any difficulty in cancelling AVG Subscription, then call antivirus phone number. One of its technical executives will contact you to solve a problem related to AVG Subscription cancellation. Normally, antivirus is used to protect your computer or any device from virus or malware protection. It is available 24/7 hours in a week for you to assist.

When you call them, explain your issue one by one to be simple for them to remove it quickly. If you find any hassle in following solution procedures, also make them recognize your difficulty. The Technical Executive will sort out your problems within minutes. After getting a proper solution, it’s your etiquette that you are thanking them for the assistance they gave you on call. The service is awesome and quick to reply to you at AVG.