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Online correspondence and transactions are extremely popular because it is so convenient. From the comfort of your home, you can book tickets, transfer money and even shop for your favorite clothing brands. However, life in the virtual world is not without its risks. There were times when people were worried about how to remove viruses and malware which are attacking computers. Users often find themselves confused about how to protect their online and offline data too. But soon after the arrival of antivirus, this threat was long gone. Out there in the market, there are a large number of antivirus software but one name that is among the top antivirus is Bitdefender. This is a Romanian cybersecurity software which was founded in 2001 by Florin Taples. With over 500 million users worldwide, Bitdefender is one of the fastest growing software companies in the world. Bitdefender is known for developing and selling anti-virus software along with a wide range of internet security software. It is especially popular because it is compatible with almost all major operating systems including Windows, IOS, Mac OS, Android, and many others. Apart from their amazing products, Bitdefender also offers its users quality customer support. Whenever users face any issues with a Bitdefender software or application they can always call the Bitdefender customer support number to receive expert technical assistance 24 hours a day.

Features of Bitdefender

Bitdefender has different solutions and products that cater to the user’s specific needs. Whether you have a single computer at home or you have a whole network of computers in the office, Bitdefender has it all. Here are some of the unique features of Bitdefender security software

  • Web Attack Prevention: The smart web filtering technology sees to it that users never open a harmful website. Users can also check if the search results are safe to access even before clicking the link.
  • Advanced threat defence: Bitdefender uses an innovative method called behavioral detection to scan all active applications. As soon as it detects a threat it takes immediate action.
  • Bitdefender Autopilot: The autopilot features in Bitdefender is designed to act as a smart security advisor so that users receive more detailed security insights. It efficiently gathers data and makes security recommendations based on the user’s usage pattern.
  • Battery Mode: This handy feature can improve the battery life on your device by temporarily changing minor system settings such as display settings, system updates, and connectivity.
  • Security Assessment: The software scans your device for any outdated and vulnerable software or missing Windows security patches. If Bitdefender detects any inconsistency it will make the necessary recommendations on how to fix it.
Features of Bitdefender

There are many more features included in Bitdefender but they vary depending on the solution you opt to use. You can call the Bitdefender customer support number and speak to an expert who can guide you on the best solution depending on your individual needs.

Setup and install Bitdefender Antivirus

Once you have made a decision about which Bitdefender solution is best for you, you can go ahead and install the software on your device. One way to set up Bitdefender is through your Bitdefender Central account. You can follow the steps given below to get started:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and access your Bitdefender Central account.
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘My Devices’ section and click on ‘Install protection’.
  • Step 3: You will see two options: ‘Protect this device’ and ‘Protect other devices’. Choose the appropriate option and download the installation file.
  • Step 4: When the Bitdefender download is complete, run the installer. Once the download window closes you will see the main install window.
  • Step 5: Choose your language and continue with the software installation.
  • Step 6: You will see a brief summary once the Bitdefender installation to complete. In case any virus or malware was identified during the installation, you may need to restart your system.
  • Step 7: Finally you just need to click the ‘Start using Bitdefender’ option and a new Bitdefender 2019 interface will be displayed.
Setup and Install Bitdefender

It is possible that the installation step mentioned above may vary depending on your operating system. If you have any trouble following the installation process or if the installation is interrupted you can contact Bitdefender technical support and speak to a trained technician about how to resolve the error.

Common Issues in Bitdefender

On account of the sheer scale of its users, it is understandable that Bitdefender will occasionally encounter errors that may disrupt the software. Here are some of the most common issues related to Bitdefender:

  • SSL Scan Issue: SSL scan helps to ensure an encrypted connection between the website and the web browser. Secured applications and websites tend to experience errors while using SSL scan. Many users reported that this error occurs mainly with the Outlook platform. You can contact Bitdefender technical support to resolve this issue.
  • Rebooting the device: Your device needs to restart and go into reboot mode to install updates. Bitdefender installation errors can sometimes prevent your device from rebooting. When this happens the best thing to do is to uninstall Bitdefender.
  • File creation error: Certain security setting in Bitdefender can sometimes prevent you from creating or saving a new file or game. Fortunately, you can change certain settings so that grant permission to the specific app to run on your computer without interruption from Bitdefender.
  • Bitdefender Firewall: The Bitdefender firewall can be quite troublesome, especially when you need to deactivate it for a while. You should be careful when you are activating or deactivating the Bitdefender firewall because it can put your computer at risk. If you are not sure about these settings you should call the Bitdefender technical support number and consult an expert.

Why contact Bitdefender customer support?

When it comes to cybersecurity even a slight delay or glitch in the software could cost the users. That is why Bitdefender offers its users continuous tech support whenever they need it.

  • Well-trained professional software experts are available 24 hours a day to address any query customers may have.
  • Technicians provide high-end, relevant and detailed solutions to any glitch users may encounter while using Bitdefender.
  • Bitdefender customer service representatives use the latest technology and techniques to deliver quality solutions to users.
  • Users can rest assured that the solutions they receive will be long lasting and they will also be given tips on how to avoid similar error in the future.
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