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AVG antivirus is a free, highly customizable and top-rated antivirus software that provides security to computers against virus, malware, ransomware, hackers, and other threats etc. It is a software which is most suitable for small to medium-sized businesses as it enables them to protect and safeguard their data, files, emails, PC devices from cyber and online threats. It also protects mobile phones, tablets through the AVG antivirus app for Android. This software provides anti-theft features for lost or stolen phones or tablets. In business, the customer and company data is the most critical asset. And these data can be easily compromised in the advent of hackers and malware resulting in the breaching of data and disruption of business operations. So to keep it safe, the software uses encryption and stores these data and files to a virtual disk on the computer which is protected by a password. For more in-depth information about this antivirus software, you can get a hold of AVG customer care number which is available to customers 24×7.

How to Setup and Install AVG Antivirus

Setting up AVG Antivirus is very easy. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Login to your account: Visit the official AVG Antivirus website and enter the login credentials of your AVG account.

Step 2: Select your software: Search for the AVG Antivirus software you want to install

Step 3: Set up the file: Download the setup file to your computer

Step 4: Open and run the file: Trace .exe file and right-click to choose the option “Run”

Step 5: Follow the instructions: You will see a pop-up with the on-screen instructions for installation. Follow the instructions and click “Accept” where required

Step 6: Enter Product Key: After you complete the installation, enter the AVG Product activation key

Step 7: Re-enter your credentials: Sometime you may be required to re-enter your login information. After you have done this the AVG Antivirus software will be open automatically.

Avg antivirus

AVG Antivirus Features

This free antivirus software comes with a set of features that are responsible for the protection of your PC against prospective threats. These features collective interest is to stop and quarantine malware before it attaches itself in the system. Some of these features are:

  • Link scanning: Before customers open a webpage, this features enables the software to scan and provide a safety rating in the search engine results. Thus it warns or notifies the users if they click on a link that is suspicious or infected.
  • Email shield technology: This feature automatically scans incoming emails and eliminates any content that may hold malware or security threats and blocks attachments that are dubious or dangerous.
  • Smart scanner: Even when the user or employees are not working, with the help of the feature, the computer is always protected as the scanner never sleeps. It automatically scans the computer at regular intervals and safeguards the files and data.
  • Remote management: The software provides a very compelling capability which allows administrators to install the software remotely from a single location. Thus enabling the deployment of the software to all the computers on the network effortlessly.
  • Anti-theft and camera trap: Users can track their lost phones or tablets by visiting the anti-theft website through which they will have the power to lock their device, activate an alarm or wipe its data remotely. If a thief fails to unlock the device on the third time, the camera through the camera trap feature, will take a picture of the person secretly and send it to the owner via email.
AVG features

Common Technical Issues of AVG Antivirus

It is without a doubt that AVG antivirus bears a lot of exciting features which are very important for the security of a user’s important files or data and the computer. But there are also a lot of unquestionable issues that are associated with this software. Some of the issues that cause distress to customers are:

  • Error in downloading, installing, updating and activating AVG antivirus.
  • Slow performance of computer and mobile phones after installing the antivirus.
  • Unable to install other software and application after installing AVG antivirus.
  • The issue in finding AVG antivirus license or product key.
  • AVG software causing software conflict.
  • The issue in renewing AVG antivirus subscription.
  • Invalid license key or product key error.
Common issues AVG

If you ever come across such issues after installing your AVG antivirus software then you can contact AVG helpline number to avail the help of a technical expert to assist you with your problem.

How to Contact AVG Technical Support Phone Number

In case of any query with AVG Antivirus software, you should dial the AVG technical support number. This number is 24×7 reachable so you can dial this number any time and get the answer to the question related with AVG. This number is the fastest way to get the AVG problem solved. Talk to highly experienced techies through this number and share your problem with them. These techies will surely provide you the exact method to solve the AVG problem. Don’t hesitate to dial this number because techies will listen to your whole problem first, and after that, they will provide the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is available for download on the Google Play Store and you can follow the steps below to download and install it:

  • Open the play store and type in AVG antivirus.
  • Once you locate the antivirus, tap ‘install’ and if asked for permissions, select ‘accept’.
  • After the installation process is complete, open the antivirus and run it in your phone.
  • Select ‘get started’ and click ‘continue with ads’.

Make sure that you are signed in to your Google account and follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the play store on your phone.
  • And select ‘menu’ under this choose ‘account’.
  • Click ‘subscriptions’ and under this tap on ‘cancel’.
  • To confirm, tap on ‘cancel subscription’.

If you want to disable your antivirus then you can follow the steps given below:

  • On the bottom of the screen on the system tray, click on the AVG icon.
  • Click ‘temporarily disable AVG protection’
  • Choose for how long you would like to disable the antivirus and click ‘ok’ to save your settings.
  • You can also do this by clicking on the ‘advanced setting’ option on the antivirus program.

Before proceeding with the activation process, make sure that you have installed either AVG internet security or AVG Antivirus Free. To activate AVG internet security, follow the steps below:

  • Double click on the AVG internet security icon on your home screen.
  • At the top right of the screen, click on ‘My AVG’ and select ‘my subscriptions’.
  • Depending on what was provided for AVG internet security activation, select either ‘log in’ or ‘enter license’.
  • By doing either of this, your AVG internet security will be updated.