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Antivirus can be explained simply as a software that is used to scan the computer for threats such as viruses and removing it along the process. There are many types of antivirus software but at the end of the day, their primary purpose is to protect and defend the computer against the virus. Most antivirus comes with both automatic and manual scanning capabilities. In the automatic mode, the antivirus automatically detects and removes viruses or malware while alerting the users about it. In the manual mode, customers have to manually search and scan the computer to remove threats.

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The team at Antivirus helpline provides customers with the best available optimization methods so that they may be able to protect their computers against existing and latest form of threats and to boost their computers for better performance by utilizing the safest and secured antivirus in the market.


The employees at Antivirus helpline provide simple and clear instructions on how to properly download and install an antivirus software. For e.g. ‘how to install Norton antivirus using the link from its official site’ or ‘how to install avast antivirus by using the setup file in windows’.

Virus Removal

A lot of people may be new to the antivirus software and some might have problems in removing viruses through the antivirus. For this kind of situation, the team at antivirus helpline provide instructions for removing the virus without deleting any kind of important file or documents from your computer.

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Common Problems with the Antivirus

Though there are many merits associated with downloading antivirus software, yet there are certain issues and problems that arise from the installation of this. Whether it is Norton antivirus, avast antivirus or Bitdefender, etc. all of these antiviruses come with a cost and customers have experienced these problems at regular intervals.

Some of the issues associated with antivirus are mentioned below:

  • If you have previously installed an antivirus program on your desktop and you are attempting to install a new one chances are that the previously installed antivirus may stop the new one from being installed.
  • Make sure that you have met the basic requirements before installing an antivirus. Because if the system does not meet the minimum requirement of the antivirus then it will not work after installation or it will not get installed.
  • Operating systems and antivirus software have issues frequently. If you download an old antivirus version to your newly updated version of the operating system then the antivirus program will not work.

The above-mentioned issues are some of the many issues that are triggered by the installation of antivirus software. So if you ever come across such type of issues or issues which haven’t been mentioned in the list above, then call the team at Antivirus Helpline and get instant relief from these problems as well as help in setting up or installing or to even get information about antivirus in general.


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Antivirus customer support team is 24×7 available to help Antivirus user. It doesn’t matter which Antivirus you are using, just reach out to our technical support team and get instant solution. You can easily get to our techies via Antivirus customer support number and live chat support. Both of these ways to get help from trained techies are always available. You can easily solve the problem with the help our trained techies. So, in case of any query or issue make sure to get to these techies, if you are unable to solve the problem on your own. Dial the official number and get the live chat support from the official website to get the help.